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Liebster Award!!



This is going to be a long post, After reading about my dear friend, jump to the questions and answers .
So my dear friend Siddhartha nominated for this award, and it’s pretty late, I am posting this. For that I am so sorry dear!!Firstly, I am honoured dear friend, for this award. This is my 4th Award here, love this attention! 😁😁
Now Siddhartha, he is an amazing writer, we stumbled to each other’s Blogs recently, but he is such a genuine person, I felt a friend right then!
He is pretty awesome Writer check out his blog right away! Go stop reading this and just go to his blog Siddhartha Dua
Now come back here my post is not completed yet!! Phew! You guys!
So, Directly jump to the Answers and Question!! ( I said that before too lol)
The instructions for accepting the Liebster are:
1) Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog and insert the award graphic.
2) Answer the questions provided to you, share a little bit about yourself.
3) Develop a new set of questions for your nominations to answer.
4) Nominate 10 others and share your post with them so they see it.
His questions are these:

What is your long term goal ?
Ans: My long term goal is to bring my life on a track, be a good human being, and earn respect in writing sphere!
What is your short term goal?
And: To be able to write more awesome!(haha I know I am awesome!! )

Which is your favourite Hollywood movie?
Ans: Titanic, no Inception, wait, any movie having My love Leonardo.😍He is my first crush ever.❤️
Who is your favourite Indian Author?
Ans: that’s difficult because I love so many, Rakesh Mehra, Khushwant singh, Rabindra Nath, Premchand, to name a few.
Money according to you is ?
Ans: A necessity!
City in which you are presently residing in and one good thing about it ?
Ans: Chandigarh. Do I need to say more. It’s city Beautiful, serene, clean, and just beautiful!!
If one morning you get up and find out that one of your uncles in some God forsaken place died left you a million dollars what will you do with it?
Ans: ha ha I will die too Lol
This much money!! I will be happy, insanely happy. Then coming to my senses I will help of course try to help as many as I could, leaving some for my survival. (survival in a luxurious type)
Which is your favourite holiday destination ?
Ans: well, I have a bucket list! But Switzerland is my first love!
Who is your favourite blogger on WordPress?
Ans: I love all my blogger family.
( sshhh : I love me ( wicked laugh) )😆😆
Where do you see yourself as a writer / blogger 5 years from now?
Ans: I see my self as an established writer.May be two three books out.


Phew…  About me though, My posts tell all,  my older posts portray Raw emotions, feel free to read them!! Anytime!! Like right now 😉😉
So my questions for the nominations are:
1) What is true love according to you?
2) Blogging is choice/ hobby/ passion/ profession?
3) One word for yourself?
4) Writing a poem or story? Which one is easy?
5) Love or money?
6) The best place on this earth? Even if you haven’t visited one what comes in your mind just reading the question.
7) What brings you here on WordPress?
8) A romantic or a horror movie?
9) All time favourite book and a movie?
10) What are your thoughts about me? (Haha)😁😁

Nominations are really Difficult because I have so many new blogger friends who are pretty amazing.

1)  Untoldphrases she is an awesome blossom writer!

2) Obsoletereality how I could not nominate you my dear friend!

3)Sharonwordsmith she pours out raw emotions! Must visit her blog!

4) Nancy Bella Rose she is sweetest!

5)Crazy4you I just love her posts!

6) Poetic essence, mystic writer she is as mysterious as her name, but cute too!

7)Digital diary, Ekta she is another cute girl I met here, and an cutie pie amazing writer!

8)Undefined an Amazing writer again!

9)Arbie Krae ah!! She is a cutie! And I love her posts.

10) Deeply high a beautiful writer, inside out.

All those whose names are not here in the nominations, I love you too! And you guys are amazing too.

so Again I nominate all those who reads this post!! ☺️☺️


A simple one with complicated thought process ..I write to seek answers, I write to seek what is missing. I write because it makes me calm. I write because I am not completely lost,not yet found. I, am wandering. Writing comes naturally, in the heat of most passionate moments, either of happiness or utter sadness.

65 thoughts on “Liebster Award!!

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment! You have a lovely blog, and completely deserve this! I followed you to show my continued support of the growth of your blog. I would love for you to follow me back if you can. xoxo


  2. My passion for writing
    Romantic movie
    Five point someone
    Rocky. All are good
    You are an amazing poet, an outstanding writer, a creative person and above all a very kind hearted young girl.
    I have answered all your questions right here.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. True love is having one girlfriend and she becoming your wife.
    Blogging or writing is my passion.

    One word for myself perseverance
    Writing a poem is easier I think.
    Money ofcourse
    Chandigarh. Favroite place on earth.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for accepting the award and for such lavish praise.I knew you are from Chandigarh. How could I not know. It is my favourite city in the whole world. Keep up the good work. You are an outstanding Poetess and I hope you get published soon.

    Liked by 3 people

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