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In love with your Melody.

IMG_5312.JPGLet’s fall Together,
I already did,
I want you too,
Dive in,
This fervour,
And jump,
Exploring within,
Let’s fall,
Hold my hand,
Discovering treasure,
Fingers tangled,
Will take you,
With pleasure,
Let’s fall,
In the rhythms
Of love,
You and me,
let’s design,
Strings align,
One key at a time,
Let’s fabricate,
The music,
With the waves,
Let’s fall,
I already did,
Let’s plunge,
Leaving this cacophony,
Be my muse,
I be your lyrics,
You be my song,
I do,
Just need you,
Let’s sing,
The song of our love,
I and you,
Let’s complete,
This ditty,
In harmony,
For I am So much,
Yes, I am
In love with your Melody.

The Lost Soul.


A simple one with complicated thought process ..I write to seek answers, I write to seek what is missing. I write because it makes me calm. I write because I am not completely lost,not yet found. I, am wandering. Writing comes naturally, in the heat of most passionate moments, either of happiness or utter sadness.

97 thoughts on “In love with your Melody.

  1. Loved your piece here!!! Beautifully done. I love the comparisons of lyrics and melody blending into a song to two hearts beating as one as soulmates. Your words are so masterful!! Loved your ending!!!

    Thanks so much for your visits to my blog!!! Perhaps you might also enjoy some musical related posts of mine? Soulmates in a Song; a reblog – Harmony; and a duet off Harmony – Harmony in a Minor Key.
    Have a blessed day

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    1. I love that you read this aloud! That is really the true test, to me at least, how it sounds and how the verbal/vocal emphasis falls! Great tip for all of us poets to recite your words and works aloud as we write! Bravo.

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  2. Sweet and simple, yet very deep. Just plain beautiful 👌❤

    Please read my book. It is available on Amazon -“COMPLICATED US”.

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    Please read it and leave a review. I am a beginner so it would be of great help. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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  3. I’m shaking my head; I can’t believe how you have bloomed in such a short time. You continue to tap into something heady and breathtaking. I’m moved by your inner beauty and how you reveal it ♥️

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    1. Diana my love, you always grace me with such charming words. I look out for you on my posts, and this is the very first thing in the morning. I am all smiles here and sending hugs for you too, smiles too ❤️❤️

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      1. Yes, it certainly is, a symphony of heart and soul-moving notes that play for an eternity, traveling gracefully through all the seasons. You are most welcome ❤

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