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The Sin.


Sitting shattered and battered
Tears trickling through my eyes
I heard someone calling out
A soothing whisper
Telling me to stop crying
I looked and found none
Then I heard within
My heart goes out for the moment
To that sweet innocent soul
Who wanted to make me whole
Then the hailstorm of reality hit
And I hush and said Ssh
No more talking
I said firm
To her or him?
I don’t know
Nor I will know ever
Like an unknown
A flower with no name?
The one who planted left
Long ago, gone.
Oh my sweet child
The one left me
And us.
I am scared
Afraid and tortured
I can not
No I can’t
Carry you my angel
Not now not Beyond,
You will have to go
I am here
In this tornado
Getting rid
Of my shadow
Forgive me
I am about to commit
A heinous crime
Please oh lord forgive me
For I am about to sin
Battling myself
Murdering the little flower
Oh my sweet Darling
You and I
Aren’t meant to be
Like him and me,
This blizzard is approaching
My heart is pounding
I want to
I do
To hold you in my arms
To caress you
To love you
And to kiss you
To keep you close in my heart
But I will have to loose you
And I am losing
With each passing
Losing a piece of me
His broken promises
Are breaking us apart,
Oh but my littlest angel
We will meet
I swear
In the next life
Of yours and mine
I am sorry
Forgive me
I apologise
For doing this
Hideous immortality
This twister
Is taking away
You from me
And me from within
I remain with nothing
This Avalanche
Finally killed
The blossom
And there released
A sigh
Of immense hurt and pain
From my Bosom.


PS: This is a serious issue I tried writing about. I don’t know how much I did justice to it but I just poured out what my heart said to me.

The Lost Soul.


A simple one with complicated thought process ..I write to seek answers, I write to seek what is missing. I write because it makes me calm. I write because I am not completely lost,not yet found. I, am wandering. Writing comes naturally, in the heat of most passionate moments, either of happiness or utter sadness.

153 thoughts on “The Sin.

  1. The poem is well written….Anyone in depression can relate to this very well.

    and the lines of hope in between do give some comfort.

    “Oh but my littlest angel
    We will meet
    I swear
    In the next life
    Of yours and mine”

    The only hope when your loved ones leave you.

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        1. Dear Akanksha, I have been through this phase trust me. It’s hard to hold on I know. But we have to. We need to. Of course I won’t understand the pain you are going through. I won’t even try to. I will though say this to you to keep on holding the rope. Things will be fine.


                1. Oh I hardly am able to manage. But yes I have make it a habit to write something everyday. I don’t post all here. I just can’t sleep
                  Without writing something. So if this is what you really want, things will be managed📚


                    1. Oh really? I didn’t know that. Thank you for sharing. Yes. It does wonders for me. An escape. A solace. The day when I can’t write anything, I toss and turn and then I have to have open my journal. 😂😂


                    2. Yes write about a new friend you just made 😂😂 and how she is such a wonderful blogger 😍😍😍
                      Haha just kidding!! Write your heart out. All the best.


  2. Your ability to paint emotion with words is stunning. I am filled with goosebumps, my heart pounds and my stomach is filled with sadness. You more than did justice in this piece for you captured perfectly the intensity of overwhelming emotions in making a decision like this. I am just wowed here!!!

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      1. You are most welcome. Personally, I think some of the best poetry comes from pain and hurt. I hope writing it away helps ease the pain and flood of emotions.

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  3. Actually i wanted to write this as – has to be one of your best.
    some say to a certain days it can’t be called as a life instead some bological thing.
    i think the best way to view is life is from god, so we have no right to do abortion.

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  4. I feel through these words, like a soul sitting alone, clutching oars, in a boat on a perilous sea. Your storm words toss me around and the wood cracks as my emotions fracture. Keep raging: sometimes great writing has us all holding on for dear life. ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Oh Priya… My heart bled from this touching emotional poem… You called up pain I didn’t know I had, you’re an amazing writer, and don’t ever doubt that. I’m in awe of you right now. 😔😍❤

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  6. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but is this about abortion? I like reading poetry because it makes me think and I like to try and interpret the authors meaning. I love writing but I am NO poet, that’s for sure lol

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