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Words not said… letter I won’t send..


It’s past midnight. Sleep is far away from the eyes. There is this saturninity pulling me outside. I left my warm bed to embrace the dark night, filled with the sparkling moonlight,Moon illuminated and shining bright in the sky. It looked calm and serene. Seeing it in the night sky, I missed the night we were together. Remember how you kissed my head? Your hands around my waist bringing me closer, you blissed my lips, left me wanting for more. The moon was shining that night too. Is it the same moon that witnessed our togetherness? Don’t you miss it? Do you?

The air is cold. It’s chilling my bones to the core, Just the way your touch used to. Remember the ecstatic mornings we used to had, when in your arms, you gave me warmth making me forget the world looking into your eyes. Breathing my name on my neck. It was enchanting, you and your desires caressing my heart beats.You don’t miss my voice, do you?

I see the flickering stars. They are so far and still close to moon. Like you are and still enclose to my heart.

Don’t you miss those nights when all
We did was nothing but in each other’s arms cuddled together in the darkness of our room silently kissing each other, writing each other’s names on hearts. This night is dark too. And in the darkness of your heart you won’t ever see my face, the one you loved, will you?

There is this vastness of silence around me. And in this quiescence I hear your voice in my ears calling out to me, the same one that made me weak In my knees. Looking around I know you aren’t here but somewhere else, so far from my presence.

Birds have started to chirp. I see the sphere in different hues with the moistness in my eyes. It’s still night somewhere in my heart. Remember we saw the sun rising from the window while making love and you said this is the second Beautiful thing, I was the first. That still make me blush you know. Snuggling up to me intently, while in your sleep.I still feel that warm touch of your fingertips on my nape.Your sweet whispers in my ears, making me turn my face, looking in your eyes..You in my eyes. Lost. Loosing.Still. I lost and you win, didn’t you?

For me it will always be night. For you were my day and my light.
And seeing this moon, that’s still in the sky I know you see this moon too and we share the same sky and somehow I know my love shines like that moonlight spreading all over you and someday you will know that there is someone still loving you the same like she used to do.She still does. For my love is like this moon and this sky, like the stars. Always shining, burning bright till and beyond infinity.

But I won’t tell you all this, you don’t care. Never did. Never will. Or Do you? Will you if I tell you that I still care? Always did. Always will.

The Lost Soul.


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A simple one with complicated thought process ..I write to seek answers, I write to seek what is missing. I write because it makes me calm. I write because I am not completely lost,not yet found. I, am wandering. Writing comes naturally, in the heat of most passionate moments, either of happiness or utter sadness.

82 thoughts on “Words not said… letter I won’t send..

  1. It felt like this is so powerful and this person should know your emotions.However, I really enjoyed the verse and the metaphors used. The line where you pointed about the cold breeze resembling his touch spoke various elements I feel. The touch is cold and that shows the depth in many ways.

    Bravo dear girl.

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      1. If you love him so much and it’s unconditional then he’ll knew it eventually and he’ll regret it for taking it too long to understand. Just keep your love pure and true which I know obviously is.
        My semester was on so I was bit busy trying to study.

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  2. Well, I have to say that I lose myself utterly whenever words of love and longing are related to celestial elements. And the moon especially, with her force to tug the tides. And just like the plankton in the sea, we soft hearted types are tossed to and fro. Tumbling in the sea grass as we lose track of sky or sand. It’s very hard to see where we are headed when the tides of life are so strong.
    Waiting for calmer seas for you, sweet Priya! Sending one of those mega hugs tossed in oodles of love…. <3<3

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      1. Oh, sweet lady – is life not a journey with surprising adventure and unknown destinations? When you’re on that boat in rough seas I will always be reminding you that even if the boat is wrecked you you will survive. You are love too, sweet love! That’s your nature and this is how we soft creatures are .. cycles of love and heartbreak.
        ❤️❤️ And great writing 😌❤️❤️

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          1. Oh you are such a precious soul to me! I love you ❤️
            I will always be here for you sweet one! You are never alone or lost with my friendship 🌹🌹❤️💜 Keep feeling, keep writing … and keep being no one other than yourself!

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