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Stay right here
Close to me,
Stay by my side, my love
Walk besides me,
Till my soul wishes to be lost
Lost in you,
Till you are in sync with my heartbeat
And you are my breath
Just stay,
Till then stay by my side,
And Stay…

Till the sun turns into ashes,
And this sky falls,
Till the stars come together to celebrate
Togetherness of ours,
Stay by my side,
Be within me like a Melody to the song
Like soulful hymn
To let me love you
Like you are my religion
Stay till then,
And Stay,

Until your thoughts drench me in love,
Like rains douse this Earth
And stay with me like the tides moves with the ocean,
Like the clouds in the sky
To be the chaos in my serenity, stay
Stay with me like that pouring rain
On the inches of my skin,
And stay…

Till you are not etched in me
And my heart
Us being together like Moon and the light
Tangled through fate
Till we aren’t written in each other’s destiny
Stay by my side,
And Stay…

Till I fade away or you
In time or you in me or me in you
Stay with me
Stay by my side
Walk besides me
Till I am lost
And you are found
And we are together again
Not on the crossroads
Not divided
But as one
Stay with me
Stay by me
And Stay…




A simple one with complicated thought process ..I write to seek answers, I write to seek what is missing. I write because it makes me calm. I write because I am not completely lost,not yet found. I, am wandering. Writing comes naturally, in the heat of most passionate moments, either of happiness or utter sadness.

20 thoughts on “Stay…

  1. There is a yearning that lies in the word ‘Love’ and its nature of fleeting into the crevasse over the years.Your poem has made a commendable use of the word ‘Stay’ in displaying the urgent of a lover to her beloved to stay by her side for the moment,as the lover is cognizant of the fate and how it can snatch away the beloved.It reminds of a line from a renowned poet Andrew Marvell ‘Thus, though we cannot make our sun
    Stand still, yet we will make him run.”

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    1. Neha, I can’t thank you enough for reading and appreciating my work. Your words are much needed after I am trying to do a come back here. That yearning you talked about is something I feel every day, and still there’s nothing I can do to make my love stay, my work reminding you of a poet I admire too, means a lot to me. Lots of love ❤️❤️


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