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I do.


I believe in magic
That some day you will see
And you will find
My love and Me
That at some point in time
You will know
How it hurts
I am yours but you aren’t mine
I believe in something
A kind of power
That one day you will fall
In love with me, again
Like you were before
That day it will rain
For this time it will be for ever
I believe in my love
That it is true
Only for you, ending never
It’s not easy
But I believe in us
That you will soon see me
And you will come
Close to me
Oh yes love
I believe in miracles
I believe in fairy tale
You will hold my hand
And take me to
A far away land
Where we’ll be in love
Beyond eternity
Yes baby
Till infinity..
I believe
I believe in dreams
Yes I do
For all of this I said
Are nothing
But my fragments
Of you and our memories
Etched in my heart
With your love
In my blood
Like a shadow
It won’t leave
Like a tattoo
It won’t fade
Even if it will
It’ll leave a mark
On my skin
No I can’t
I can’t win
Over this
Of your eyes
Of that smile
Oh this pain
Of this scar
Why are you away

why didn’t you stay?
Why can’t you love me?
Why are you this far?

Of all of these dreams
I am now made
Nothing of me
Something of you
Yes even then I still do
I believe in love
& I love you…

The Lost Soul.

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Drenched in Magic.



These emotions
The sensations
This excitement
This fervour
The tingling of fingers
Moving on the bare
Your touch
These tingles
Oh They, Conjuration
Yes they are!
We together
Wrapping  each other
Staring within
Caressing verges
The hours of love
The assiduities
The Warmth
Tongue playing
Their own games
Enchanting scents
Your hands
The rubbing Thighs
This passionate kiss
Oh! A pure bliss
Entwined close
In a shower of love
We two bodies
One soul
Permeated in the wetness
In the rain of impetuous
In flooding love
Oh our love
So romantic
We two
We are soused
Drenched in magic.

The Lost Soul.

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In love with your Melody.

IMG_5312.JPGLet’s fall Together,
I already did,
I want you too,
Dive in,
This fervour,
And jump,
Exploring within,
Let’s fall,
Hold my hand,
Discovering treasure,
Fingers tangled,
Will take you,
With pleasure,
Let’s fall,
In the rhythms
Of love,
You and me,
let’s design,
Strings align,
One key at a time,
Let’s fabricate,
The music,
With the waves,
Let’s fall,
I already did,
Let’s plunge,
Leaving this cacophony,
Be my muse,
I be your lyrics,
You be my song,
I do,
Just need you,
Let’s sing,
The song of our love,
I and you,
Let’s complete,
This ditty,
In harmony,
For I am So much,
Yes, I am
In love with your Melody.

The Lost Soul.

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Our After Dark Discussion.

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All I think about is,
How you and me,
Became finally we,
Two bodies, one soul,
Completing each other
How we made one whole.


All I think about is,
Each night,
We held, hands in hands so tight,
Breathing and the sigh
Dancing on the rhythms
Of the love so high.


All I think about is,
Our love so dark,
You leaving all those mark,
Moving together all night,
Till dawn, dusk again
Up and down, left and right.


All I think about is,
Bedsheets crumpling
Soaking our love, pillow wrinkling,
Your fingers moving,
Bodies clasping, closer and closer
Our lips sewing.


All I think about is,
You inching my each curve,
Oh baby, us making love,
In brimming passion,
We reach together,
To our prized possession.



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Satin lips.

Oh the sweetness

Like the honey drops

Pouring out

The saccharine expressions

Pulling him closer

Breathing in his scent

Her neck

His wicked tongue

Playing the rhythm

She like a goddess

Radiant skin

Glowing like a Nitid moon

She moves

He follows

Dancing on the tune


The night sky

Flickering stars


Their love

He kept

Gazing in those sparkling


He listen

Her whispering


lustrous desires

In his ears

Glistening words

Through her

Satin lips.