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Beautiful Purple Sky


I was just walking by
While turning towards my house
I just looked at the sky
Just like that
I felt something,
Like the sky talking to me
Something moved I felt
And a ping of pain in my heart
The sky looked the same
As it was the day, that day we met.

I lost my way then
For I forgot where I was coming from
Or going to?
Is that my home?
Or was it you?
Now you aren’t with me, do I have any?
Any home?

My heart screamed!!
No one heard though
My eyes were searching
Something? Or you?
I looked at the sky again
Is it same ? Or is it changed?
It isn’t that anymore
Isn’t it?
Because you aren’t that anymore,
I saw it changing colours
Just like you,
The pinkish hue
Turned some pale
Like me!

Was I lost? Or did I loose you?
Or did I loose my mind?
Was it just me? Or I saw?
I saw the sky crying
Felt some tears,
From my eyes?
Or was it rain?
That pain knocked again
Which I thought have gone?

Why do I feel lost? When,
When there’s nothing I did lost
Loosing you? You never really did
Exist for me but yourself!!
I was here then
And I was alone
I knew how to walk
I know how to move on, on my own
And though I thought I made you,
You never were my home!!

There it was,
I got my way again
With the moving sky
Turning shades
Changing colours
While moving ahead
I recognise that smile
The one before you,
Or anyone else
I looked at the sky for one last time
I knew this colour
This colour,
I know I was moving in the right direction
The sky smiled
And I smiled at it too,
And I smiled some more
Under this new
This new, beautiful,
Beautiful Purple Sky!!!

The Lost Soul 

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In the Twilight!!!


Come closer to listen what my soul speaks 

But my lips couldn’t…..

Bring me back to life
Give me some more breathes
Love me a little more this time
Make me alive again
This life
This heart
All I could ever give
Have it all and just love me once
Love me once more
Make this heart beat again
Hold me together
Take away this pain
I did try
I tried
Try and try
To ease this suffocation
All in vain!!
I need you more
I want you
Will you please fill this emptiness?
Or Am I destined to be drowned forever?
Will this murkiness ever fade?
Or Is It just me who have lost all colours?
Do you hear my pleas?
Or shall I screech in the silence ?
Or is It ambiguous what I say?
Am I Lost?
Will you please find a way ?
Reach out to me
Take me out of this abyss
Will you?
I am screaming
And sinking
And screaming
And grieving
Hold my hand once more
Take me out
Show me the dawn
Before my heart sets in the dusk
Give me a rainbow
Give me life
Oh! Please one more time!!
Before I reach the horizon
Meet me once more
Meet me there
Be my earth
Make me your sky
Show me the light
Meet me one last time
Give me some more breathes
Just hold my hand
Embosom me
Meet me there
In the rain
And in the Twilight…..


The Lost Soul

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I do.


I believe in magic
That some day you will see
And you will find
My love and Me
That at some point in time
You will know
How it hurts
I am yours but you aren’t mine
I believe in something
A kind of power
That one day you will fall
In love with me, again
Like you were before
That day it will rain
For this time it will be for ever
I believe in my love
That it is true
Only for you, ending never
It’s not easy
But I believe in us
That you will soon see me
And you will come
Close to me
Oh yes love
I believe in miracles
I believe in fairy tale
You will hold my hand
And take me to
A far away land
Where we’ll be in love
Beyond eternity
Yes baby
Till infinity..
I believe
I believe in dreams
Yes I do
For all of this I said
Are nothing
But my fragments
Of you and our memories
Etched in my heart
With your love
In my blood
Like a shadow
It won’t leave
Like a tattoo
It won’t fade
Even if it will
It’ll leave a mark
On my skin
No I can’t
I can’t win
Over this
Of your eyes
Of that smile
Oh this pain
Of this scar
Why are you away

why didn’t you stay?
Why can’t you love me?
Why are you this far?

Of all of these dreams
I am now made
Nothing of me
Something of you
Yes even then I still do
I believe in love
& I love you…

The Lost Soul.

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Summer Nights.



Entangled eyes
You and me
Our hearts
With the pace
So fast
Your fingers
Ruining the colour
Of my lips
Your breathes
It’s marks on my skin
I loose myself
You in me
Under the thousand stars
In these wintery breeze
We flow
Towards the warmth
We fly
In emotions
Holding my hands
Carrying my heart
So perfectly
We fuse
Like made for
Each other
In &Between
This deepest of ocean
Of Ecstasy
We become one
Under the flickering
Listen love
To this harmonious
Here comes

Summer Nights….


The Lost Soul.


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Where Ends Meet..


Ever so Close
Still so apart
This never ending distance
Our love
This story
Still unfinished
Always Will be?

I was a Rainbow
With you
I still am,
In the night sky
I wrote our names
On the sands of time
Washed with the waves.

I still meet you
Your scent
Your memories
On the way
Getting lost
Between them
Waiting for you, Always
This story
Our journey.
Will the welkin
Meet the Earth?
Will this wait ever end?

Will it be finished?

Your and my, Ours.
This story.

It will be, The Day
When the sky will fall
And the two worlds will coincide
We will unite too
We will be completed
See love

Where the Ends meet….

The Lost Soul.

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Waiting, Aggravating.


I breathe
Not live
Life? Have lost all its essence
Without your
This suffocation
Of your absence
It’s stifling
You aren’t here
But I just saw you there?
There is no voice
Still I hear
Oh this silence
It’s deafening
Pricking are the broken pieces,
Of that mirror and
Reflections of you
I see in them,
And I see you in Me
I try
I run
To feel, To touch
But it’s not you
Never were
But your figment
Just a shadow
Ah! This fire
This Burn
Oh this anguish
This hurt
It’s choking me
It will kill
You buried all the vows
You took
Holding my hands
Inearth then, Me too
In the same land.
I will love you still
For my love for you is forever
Oh please my love
Do not cry ever
When I am gone
For I will still love
That Smile, oh so sweet.A Request?
If you can
Love me then, when I am not there.
Love me if you could
And see me in the memories
Like flowing river
Of the purest water
I will be there
And my love too
See me then,
Oh my love
I will be There
Love me soon love, Please
Don’t make it Aggravating….

The Lost Soul. 

PS: I read this so amazing poem by my sweetheart Nancy, NancyBellaRose and she is so much amazing. The poem gave me goosebumps. It was in Hindi. In no way I could match her poem or it’s Essence. And in no way it’s transalation of her work, but her words struck a chord. And I wrote this. Her words were inspiration, my pain was the pen. Lots of love Nancy. Thank you so much.

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Eternal Love.


Breathing your scent in
With warmth of your skin
My heart tremble
Your lips
Toxic bliss
My stupid heart
Do a little Dance
Your deep eyes
Send me chills,
Yes you
The missing piece
Of this jigsaw
Of my life
I was always searching
For you and Us
Knowing &
Loving you
Makes me believe
We were meant to be
Us together
Making love
Under the Glistening stars
Not Our Bodies
But the Souls
There is this connection
Beyond perfection
They don’t seem to see
Nor they will understand
They the people.
Entwined together in your arms
We become one
We were forever
Just not in this life,
Oh Baby
You,I And we
This is something
Before Eternity
This is something
Beyond perpetuity
You are my trance
This life is the chance
My eyes see
My Soul
Here in this Divine
We are
You and me
The two of us
Always & Forever.

The Lost Soul.

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Happy Happy Birthday.


I met this gorgeous person when I started this blog. In a few days we were close as ever and she now have become my strength.
With her I have started believing, yes angels do exist. She is my guardian angel I feel.

All the words I would write for her won’t be ever enough. Still I tried ,though I can never match her talent.
I was all alone in this journey, she came like sunshine,An enchantress.

Our love and admiration for each other means a lot to me.
She is dearest and sweetest.
I wish all the happiness and smiles to her on this speacial day.

The Wandering Armadillo

This poem is a small gift from me to you D ❤️

It’s not been long we met
Oh but it feels an eternity
Our hearts amalgamate so strong
My dear Korlaet,
You are queen of words
The way you play with imageries
Your amazing analogies
Enchanting locutions
They are spell binding
Working like potions
My love,
Your heart is so immaculate
I blame my stars
Why did we meet so late?
Oh but then I Thank too
My destiny
That you and me
Found each other in this journey,
I feel blessed
Our paths intersected
I have gratitude for WordPress
We connected
You my sweetheart
Spread magic
With alluring incantations
My love, affection and respect
To you gorgeous
You are Perfect.
I have so so much to say
Words are few
I can’t speak no more
I wish, A Happy Birthday to you.
You are an angel to me
I love so so much
I love Thee.

Now I did something else too, hope you like it.

D: Darling
I: impassioned
A: Adroit angel
N: Nimble
A: Affectionate

Happiest Born Day love.

From yours

The Lost Soul.

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Indispensable Baggage.


This is hefty
My heart retorted
This, a beautiful Package
Of lies and deceits
Oh! This unnecessary Baggage.

I still carry it
On my Soul
This, an enchanting carriage
Of aspersion and falsification
Oh! This redundant baggage.

It tolls on me
On my identity
He, raided my spirit, A savage
Plundered my innocence
He, my extraneous baggage.

I walk I move
Carry it everyday
Wanting to throw it
In the far ocean
Really away
I tried
Only I didn’t know
This is more sturdy
Than I thought,
Like shackles
It caught
And when I tossed it
I rolled too
In the abyss
To loose it?
It’s not possible.
Is the only way
This will be
My only salvage
There again I started my journey
Passage to passage
Embracing this
Revered Baggage.

The Lost Soul. 

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Screeching Silence.


This Deafening silence
Persists everywhere
Screeching through the

A silence that can be heard
No, not with the ears,
But the soul,
This is the quietness of sorrow.

Do you hear it?
It’s screaming something
Go! Run! Anywhere
But it will follow.

Shrieking in quiescence
All about the love
That is forgotten
Love, that now is hollow.

Muddling deep in quietude
Burying you in
It will squeal, oh it will hurt
Making the mind hollow.

It deafens
You need to yell
Do Not Wail
But howl
To Pursue
Don’t be lost
In the noise,
Be boisterous,
Be poise!
No hurt can keep you down,
Your life is your own .
Scream out, Shriek out.

The Lost Soul. 

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In love with your Melody.

IMG_5312.JPGLet’s fall Together,
I already did,
I want you too,
Dive in,
This fervour,
And jump,
Exploring within,
Let’s fall,
Hold my hand,
Discovering treasure,
Fingers tangled,
Will take you,
With pleasure,
Let’s fall,
In the rhythms
Of love,
You and me,
let’s design,
Strings align,
One key at a time,
Let’s fabricate,
The music,
With the waves,
Let’s fall,
I already did,
Let’s plunge,
Leaving this cacophony,
Be my muse,
I be your lyrics,
You be my song,
I do,
Just need you,
Let’s sing,
The song of our love,
I and you,
Let’s complete,
This ditty,
In harmony,
For I am So much,
Yes, I am
In love with your Melody.

The Lost Soul.

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Our After Dark Discussion.

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All I think about is,
How you and me,
Became finally we,
Two bodies, one soul,
Completing each other
How we made one whole.


All I think about is,
Each night,
We held, hands in hands so tight,
Breathing and the sigh
Dancing on the rhythms
Of the love so high.


All I think about is,
Our love so dark,
You leaving all those mark,
Moving together all night,
Till dawn, dusk again
Up and down, left and right.


All I think about is,
Bedsheets crumpling
Soaking our love, pillow wrinkling,
Your fingers moving,
Bodies clasping, closer and closer
Our lips sewing.


All I think about is,
You inching my each curve,
Oh baby, us making love,
In brimming passion,
We reach together,
To our prized possession.



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तुम और मैं.

तुम कौन हो?

मैं कौन हूँ?


क्या वे,

हमारी सच्ची पहचान हैं?

तुम कौन हो?

मैं कौन हूँ?


क्या वे,

हमें बराबरी से बाँट पाते हैं?

तुम कौन हो?

मैं कौन हूँ?


जो की,

भेदभाव को जन्म देते हैं?

तुम कौन हो?

मैं कौन हूँ?


जो हमें

राष्ट्रीयताओं में बांटते हैं?

तुम कौन हो,

मैं कौन हूँ?


जो भावनाओं को,

आर्थिक आधार पर बांटते हैं?

तुम कौन हो?

मैं कौन हूँ?


हाँ, तुम्हारा सुर्ख़ है,

मेरा भी बिलकुल सुर्ख़ है।

अब कहो,

तुम कौन हो!


मैंकौन हूँ!

क्या मैं तुम नहीं?

और तुम मैं नहीं?


क्या यही सिर्फ,

एक सच्चाई नहीं?

PS: My dear friend Gourav Anand Shabd Ragini translated my poem who?? In Hindi, and it came out more beautiful than the original.

In respect of that I am

Posting it on my blog.

Thank you so much my Friend. I am honoured.

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Under a Crooked Star.

Tears or smiles,

Joys or not,

Life doesn’t halt,

It never stops.


Goes down

Each dusk,

Rises again,

Burning bright,

Every Dawn.


Break and fall

In the Autumn,

Bloom again,

More green

In the beautiful Spring.


Shatter the cocoon,

Tearing the coven,

Fly away

Opening its wings.

Flowers bloom

Each day,

We all see, Don’t they?

A peace arrives,

After the storm,

We all feel,

The beautiful sky.

Life is bright,

Life is beautiful,

It goes on,

Blossoming in love

Gloomy in Hate,

Completing journey

Reaching our fate,

Love or not,

Reaching out

Hiding in,

Together or alone,

Peace or war,

Life goes on,

Life goes Far,

Under A beautiful sky


Under a crooked star.

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Waking up.

Today I woke up,

With a beautiful sun

Shining and smiling,

Peeking through,

The window,

I forgot,

The nightmare,

I had last night,

Of me drowning,

In the gloom,

And sorrow,

I looked at the sun,

Warming me up,


It came back,

The pain,

It wasn’t a nightmare,

But my reality,

But the rays,

Are real,


On my skin,

I remember,

The sun was setting,

Last evening,

Like me,

Setting everyday,

And it comes up,

Every dawn,

Shining and smiling,

As always,

Today I woke up,

From the trance,

I was in,

This isn’t my


That torment,

But this is,

The warming

And sparkling

Sun rays,

The dusk,

Won’t keep

Me Drowned,

I will sparkle,

Every dawn,

Shining and smiling,

Spreading my warmth,

Yes I will,

No nightmare,

Is so dark,

To keep me away,

From the spark,

Yes I will,

Rise and shine,


Like the Sun,

Today I woke up,

With a smile,

Looking at the sun,



Life has Day,

And some nights,

Some sad,

Some alright,

Little cheery,

some happy,

What if they are,

Only few,

Look at the blue,

The welkin,

That is prepossessing,

In the morning,

Looks as,



In the twilight too.