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The feeling…that stays.


Life goes on with or without anyone. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. Really? Is that so? Well life actually stops. I mean right, you live your life, you can’t stop doing that but there is something that’s missing and you can’t really help it. You miss the presence of that one person in your life. That person keeps on revolving in your mind day and night and midnight.

You wake up suddenly and there is this pain, you can’t help but cry. Because even in your sleep your mind kept wandering and reaching out to those parts you tried to hide somewhere. They reach out to you  and then the wounds and it hit you exactly in the guts and you feel helpless and broke. You can’t do anything about it.

Life moves on. Right. It’s just you that stops and stuck and shackled.

Even though I came back, I can’t return completely because I just can not. Though I won’t stop trying.

And I will keep on fighting each day with myself.
I don’t need anybody but me and I am learning this each day.

Like the sun and the moon and the star, I will Shine with my own light and I will have my heat and I will burn this world to ashes…to create my own.

Till then I will be Me..and I am enough.. I will be there..and I will find me..
Until then
I am

The Lost Soul

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She. A Catastrophe.


She don’t see any light
No more she can fight
She accepts her defeat
Love is lost
Winner is Deceit
All the false promises
And the fabricated stories
All the dreams
Were no more
Then a lure
To destroy her
For him,
To devour
She was left,
She thought him
To be Rain
She wanted to be soused in,
Oh but he was
A tornado
To devastate
Her within
And he did.

There is this Calm
She looks Tranquil
As the sea
But it’s chaos
In her
That no one can see
There’s a tsunami
That’s building
Now a Deal
She signed
With the devil
No more
She worries
For The consequences
She will
Wreck havoc
She isn’t the same
But She is
A walking Mayhem
In quietude
Her inner demons
Wide awake now
With the broken pieces
Of her shattered soul
She will shriek
Deafening all
But for now
Let her cry
Let her cry
She will drown
In her tears
And her sorrows too
Then she will
She will Eliminate.
Wait for her
Wait for her
This is just
An Eclipse
She will come
Out of her shadows
She isn’t An Angel
Not Anymore
Is A Rising Apocalypse.

The Lost Soul.

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Some thoughts!




This is going to be a long post than my usual.
So today is this little cuties birthday, and she is just so cute. I fell in love with her cuteness head over heels. But oh she isn’t all cute and sweet, she is a bomb in that sweet little image of hers. Meet Seema. Don’t go with that cute face, she asked me if she could discipline the class, and I was amazed, this cutie pie will manage the class. I gave her permission, oh she little boss.
Oh she walk with such poise.
She is so small, she is so bossy!
Bossing around other students, ordering them to keep quiet. This cute little girl of 7.
I love all the children, but this girl today took my heart!
I came to know through a colleague of mine, she lost her father few moths back, and that just made me cry for this sweetheart. And the fact she know it so well and accepted it so bravely, just took me by Awe!
I don’t know I just felt oceans of love for this girl.
Sitting at my place, I start to think that little soul, doesn’t know a thing about world, but she surely know Death! She knows where her father is, and a thought penetrated my mind,
What do we as adults do? Cry over a loss of a person, who just left for the sake of their happiness?
Sulk over that person who probably never deserved us?
Lament that loss which is not really a loss?
Whine and whine about that, which is nothing in reality!
Yes the heartbreak is damn torturing, yes the nights are anguishing, yes at moments life seems to end! Everything cease to exist but? For what? For whom?
Death is the inevitable truth. She, this cute teeny weeny girl today, made me realise the fact I thought we all should learn.
Face the hurt and pain, with a stone face. Smile, what so ever come. Walk on. Move on. Move forward.
Nothing in this world stays.
Nor the love, neither any living being.
But my dear friend life is important. We don’t die once, but we live once. And living and existing are two different things.
Don’t just exist! Live!
Don’t just Breathe, Inhale the beauty of world, and Exhale that unnecessary stupid things from within and then see the world, it will be Amazing than ever.
( I need to really apply these, though, I know I know, I preach more and apply so little 😔 I will try! Phew ☺️)

That’s it for today.

PS: I asked for the picture from her, and she said, yes yes, take my picture today is my birthday after all. I love this cutie. ❤️img_53751.jpgGod bless this pure and innocent soul.

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Her world

Her life

Came crashing down

Her entire being,



In a

Sudden sorrow


Stands still

Trying to

Take in,

Absorbing all

Air around,



Ever she had.

No it can not be

Never!! She exclaimed,

Tears through



Trickling through her


She is burning

Like Inferno,

She breathes


Not dead,

will live

She will collect

The ashes,

And she will live


She will shine,




Her strength

Her power

Her worth,

The Ravaged


Will fly,

Through the Flames

Into the Blaze.

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Embrace her

Not just her

Her scars too,

They are deep

Blood seeping through

Touch them

Touch her

She is numb

With all the pain

Recognise her

Her true worth

She is more than

Those scars

She kept holding onto

Make her alive

It’s not easy,

Her world is finished

You may be blurry

She can’t see

Nor she could hear

Grab her hand

Take her out

Away from Darkness

Into the light

Trust her

She will


And will shine

Her scars too

Entangle your hands

In hers

Move forward

Move ahead

Towards a new beginning

Of a story

Journey of her life

Scars will be still there

Wounds healed,

Make her proud of them

And not fear

Take her

To a place

Where she smiles

With all those scars

Seeing you

Embrace her

Yet again

Her smiles and her tears

Embrace her

Not just her

Her scars too.

Loving someone with scars isn’t easy, but for all those who want to love, try to love the person with everything they have. Don’t leave their hands if you get to know their past. Try to hold on the one with the smiles and the cries too.

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Under a Crooked Star.

Tears or smiles,

Joys or not,

Life doesn’t halt,

It never stops.


Goes down

Each dusk,

Rises again,

Burning bright,

Every Dawn.


Break and fall

In the Autumn,

Bloom again,

More green

In the beautiful Spring.


Shatter the cocoon,

Tearing the coven,

Fly away

Opening its wings.

Flowers bloom

Each day,

We all see, Don’t they?

A peace arrives,

After the storm,

We all feel,

The beautiful sky.

Life is bright,

Life is beautiful,

It goes on,

Blossoming in love

Gloomy in Hate,

Completing journey

Reaching our fate,

Love or not,

Reaching out

Hiding in,

Together or alone,

Peace or war,

Life goes on,

Life goes Far,

Under A beautiful sky


Under a crooked star.

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Waking up.

Today I woke up,

With a beautiful sun

Shining and smiling,

Peeking through,

The window,

I forgot,

The nightmare,

I had last night,

Of me drowning,

In the gloom,

And sorrow,

I looked at the sun,

Warming me up,


It came back,

The pain,

It wasn’t a nightmare,

But my reality,

But the rays,

Are real,


On my skin,

I remember,

The sun was setting,

Last evening,

Like me,

Setting everyday,

And it comes up,

Every dawn,

Shining and smiling,

As always,

Today I woke up,

From the trance,

I was in,

This isn’t my


That torment,

But this is,

The warming

And sparkling

Sun rays,

The dusk,

Won’t keep

Me Drowned,

I will sparkle,

Every dawn,

Shining and smiling,

Spreading my warmth,

Yes I will,

No nightmare,

Is so dark,

To keep me away,

From the spark,

Yes I will,

Rise and shine,


Like the Sun,

Today I woke up,

With a smile,

Looking at the sun,



Life has Day,

And some nights,

Some sad,

Some alright,

Little cheery,

some happy,

What if they are,

Only few,

Look at the blue,

The welkin,

That is prepossessing,

In the morning,

Looks as,



In the twilight too.