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Under a Vulgar Tree.


The beauty of colours,
Blue of the welkin,
Orange from the sun,
Green of the grass,
Tranquility everywhere,
It was a perfect land, Utopia or Heaven?

Those two, living happily,
Laughing, having joyous smile,
The effortless life,
The innocent lives,
The Divine two,
Not having slightest idea, all this while.

That the Forked tongue,
Will soon hiss the deceits,
Into her beautiful ears,
The fallen one,
Want them to fall too, Fate
Like his, he wanted to repeat.

And then she insisted,
Lured him towards ruination,
Together the beautiful creation,
Ate the forbidden fruit,
Loosing purity,
embracing corruption.

And with them,
All fell we, an endless catastrophe,
Making lust, loosing love,
Hiding us, with the leaves,
Now we all live,
Under a Vulgar Tree.

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Between the Unicorn And The Fairy dust!

Where are the days?

Where innocent were lives,

Pure were hearts,

Mind unpolluted,

Those lovely days,

The childhood?

Oh the sweet memories,






Hide and seek,



Hands in hands,

No hurries,

No worries,

Where are the days?

Oh the days are gone.

Now the pictures are different,

Lives are guilty,

Thoughts are dirty,

Hearts corrupted,

Mind contaminated,

Days filled,

With remorse,

Cruel realities,

Harsh memories,

Fetching faults,

His and hers,


Are the concealers,

Of the pain,

Hide and seek

With love and hate,

Hands are held,

To push back hard,

Hurrying past,


To last,

Oh where are the days,

Of dreamy worlds?

Of the fairy tales,

Of the unicorns?

Isn’t it tragic?

We lost believe

In Magic?

We all live

In this cruel world,

All alone,

We all grew up,

With no love,

But lust,


We all grow up

Between the unicorn

And the fairy dust!!

PS: This again was a challenge for me from my loving Friend.

And I hope again I did justice.

He won’t leave, and I am ready to break, to break out from my shell.

Sweetheart! For you.