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I do.


I believe in magic
That some day you will see
And you will find
My love and Me
That at some point in time
You will know
How it hurts
I am yours but you aren’t mine
I believe in something
A kind of power
That one day you will fall
In love with me, again
Like you were before
That day it will rain
For this time it will be for ever
I believe in my love
That it is true
Only for you, ending never
It’s not easy
But I believe in us
That you will soon see me
And you will come
Close to me
Oh yes love
I believe in miracles
I believe in fairy tale
You will hold my hand
And take me to
A far away land
Where we’ll be in love
Beyond eternity
Yes baby
Till infinity..
I believe
I believe in dreams
Yes I do
For all of this I said
Are nothing
But my fragments
Of you and our memories
Etched in my heart
With your love
In my blood
Like a shadow
It won’t leave
Like a tattoo
It won’t fade
Even if it will
It’ll leave a mark
On my skin
No I can’t
I can’t win
Over this
Of your eyes
Of that smile
Oh this pain
Of this scar
Why are you away

why didn’t you stay?
Why can’t you love me?
Why are you this far?

Of all of these dreams
I am now made
Nothing of me
Something of you
Yes even then I still do
I believe in love
& I love you…

The Lost Soul.

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Words not said… letter I won’t send..


It’s past midnight. Sleep is far away from the eyes. There is this saturninity pulling me outside. I left my warm bed to embrace the dark night, filled with the sparkling moonlight,Moon illuminated and shining bright in the sky. It looked calm and serene. Seeing it in the night sky, I missed the night we were together. Remember how you kissed my head? Your hands around my waist bringing me closer, you blissed my lips, left me wanting for more. The moon was shining that night too. Is it the same moon that witnessed our togetherness? Don’t you miss it? Do you?

The air is cold. It’s chilling my bones to the core, Just the way your touch used to. Remember the ecstatic mornings we used to had, when in your arms, you gave me warmth making me forget the world looking into your eyes. Breathing my name on my neck. It was enchanting, you and your desires caressing my heart beats.You don’t miss my voice, do you?

I see the flickering stars. They are so far and still close to moon. Like you are and still enclose to my heart.

Don’t you miss those nights when all
We did was nothing but in each other’s arms cuddled together in the darkness of our room silently kissing each other, writing each other’s names on hearts. This night is dark too. And in the darkness of your heart you won’t ever see my face, the one you loved, will you?

There is this vastness of silence around me. And in this quiescence I hear your voice in my ears calling out to me, the same one that made me weak In my knees. Looking around I know you aren’t here but somewhere else, so far from my presence.

Birds have started to chirp. I see the sphere in different hues with the moistness in my eyes. It’s still night somewhere in my heart. Remember we saw the sun rising from the window while making love and you said this is the second Beautiful thing, I was the first. That still make me blush you know. Snuggling up to me intently, while in your sleep.I still feel that warm touch of your fingertips on my nape.Your sweet whispers in my ears, making me turn my face, looking in your eyes..You in my eyes. Lost. Loosing.Still. I lost and you win, didn’t you?

For me it will always be night. For you were my day and my light.
And seeing this moon, that’s still in the sky I know you see this moon too and we share the same sky and somehow I know my love shines like that moonlight spreading all over you and someday you will know that there is someone still loving you the same like she used to do.She still does. For my love is like this moon and this sky, like the stars. Always shining, burning bright till and beyond infinity.

But I won’t tell you all this, you don’t care. Never did. Never will. Or Do you? Will you if I tell you that I still care? Always did. Always will.

The Lost Soul.


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Is it The End?


This is the letter to you. A letter I won’t send.

And in the end finally you left. Not like I didn’t know it will
Happen but I was running away from it from so long. I was lost in that last song.
I was dreading the moment I will hear those words but who is to blame. All these months you from the other end were holding on the rope weren’t you? Or it was me all this time? Loosing myself in your game.
Why? Is all I can ask. You were my everything and you knew that so well. You still are but I won’t tell you this again. I have lost all my energy now in loving you and your memories. Yes you are my memory. A happy and a sad. Reminiscence of all that was between us safe in my heart forever. I believed in you all this while. But you were not there. The moment you left me was my answer, but I kept on holding that rope for so long. There was a bridge between us. You were on the other end and you weren’t even looking at me while I was trying to cross and I was looking at you but it was all in a haze. I thought you are there
For me to hold my hand and I kept on walking towards you not really knowing that it was broken. I fell. I fell so deep. It hurts. I fell in that maze.
Your last words are in my ears. Your all the words are actually. You are. The whole of you is in me. You are gone from
My life but this mark you have left on my soul won’t leave ever.
Not that I want it to.
I loved you. I still do. With whatever I had. With all of that I still have. And it will be forever.
But I won’t beg you anymore to stay, No.
You are better gone. Yes I am in this abyss right now and you have moved on.
I will climb though, to the other side. I will not keep looking for you anymore.
I am exhausted. And sometimes I can not breathe. You were beats to my heart. You were my oxygen.
You are my only. I don’t want to open the doors of my heart for anyone.
They are closed for now. Or forever.
You will live here in my heart. The wounds you have given me will stay and they will bleed I know, they will bleed never to heal. But that’s okay. I will live and love them.
Like I will live without you. Like,
I will love you without you.

The Lost Soul.

PS: This Lost Soul was actually Lost these days and still is. Somethings happened and I am trying to keep myself alright but it’s hard. But I guess whatever happens happen for a reason right. I am hoping that too.

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Where Ends Meet..


Ever so Close
Still so apart
This never ending distance
Our love
This story
Still unfinished
Always Will be?

I was a Rainbow
With you
I still am,
In the night sky
I wrote our names
On the sands of time
Washed with the waves.

I still meet you
Your scent
Your memories
On the way
Getting lost
Between them
Waiting for you, Always
This story
Our journey.
Will the welkin
Meet the Earth?
Will this wait ever end?

Will it be finished?

Your and my, Ours.
This story.

It will be, The Day
When the sky will fall
And the two worlds will coincide
We will unite too
We will be completed
See love

Where the Ends meet….

The Lost Soul.

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Along The Strand.


The smile you brought
On my face with One word.
It’s gone. No curve on my lips. Your words, tickling, used to move me within. Now your memories shake me inside out.

That smile of yours, gave me shivers. How could I ever forget those spine chilling touch. It’s all an illusion now. Now that I see you from afar. Happy and living. Why can’t I? Live? It’s so hard to fight my feelings & to strive.
Because I thought you were my life.

You are happy. I wish I could be too. But how could I? Without you. You were and are my first and last wish. To lord I pray everyday, to bring you back. I try each day but I can’t live alone, Now when you are gone,
I am slipping too, my life like sand, wishing you were there to hold my hand.

Visiting the same places we went. I still look out searching for you. Though I know you aren’t here but oceans apart. You went Abandoning me, teary eyed. I am drowning in this abyss. I see the shore, but I won’t go there, I am sure? I want to drown. You were my home and now I have no one to call my own.

Or I want to move with the waves. Touching those shingles and meeting the sea. Again and again, just like our bodies used to Rhyme. I will move too Along the Strand.

Though, leaving a part of me, Always, Some in You, Some in Time.

The Lost Soul.


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Dream Arcadia


Closing my eyes
Snuggled up
With my pillow
In deep slumber
I see you
Gazing at me
All smiles
& I beam at you,
Inching me towards
You caress my lips
With yours
Embracing me in
Your Arms
I giggle
As you breathe in
My neck
Your warmth
Gives me chills
There is this
Of love
In the room
With which
Our heart fills
The morning sun
Shimmering on us
I see your
Glistening eyes
Captivating Me.

A breeze then
Visits me
Waking me up
You aren’t
But an emptiness.

My heart aches, So
I close them
My eyes
To be with you
In my dreams
My Arcadia
Where you are
Making me
Giggle & Laugh
Where I meet you
Without the fear
That you will
Walk away
Yes I am
Closing them Again
I see you
Besides me,
Outside the window
It Rains.

The Lost Soul.

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She. A Catastrophe.


She don’t see any light
No more she can fight
She accepts her defeat
Love is lost
Winner is Deceit
All the false promises
And the fabricated stories
All the dreams
Were no more
Then a lure
To destroy her
For him,
To devour
She was left,
She thought him
To be Rain
She wanted to be soused in,
Oh but he was
A tornado
To devastate
Her within
And he did.

There is this Calm
She looks Tranquil
As the sea
But it’s chaos
In her
That no one can see
There’s a tsunami
That’s building
Now a Deal
She signed
With the devil
No more
She worries
For The consequences
She will
Wreck havoc
She isn’t the same
But She is
A walking Mayhem
In quietude
Her inner demons
Wide awake now
With the broken pieces
Of her shattered soul
She will shriek
Deafening all
But for now
Let her cry
Let her cry
She will drown
In her tears
And her sorrows too
Then she will
She will Eliminate.
Wait for her
Wait for her
This is just
An Eclipse
She will come
Out of her shadows
She isn’t An Angel
Not Anymore
Is A Rising Apocalypse.

The Lost Soul.

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