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Jasper, The Beginning.


Small boy of five
Hiding In corner
Closed eyes
Hands on ears
Still he hears
Slaps and screams
His father on his mother
Helpless he stares
In blank
Silently crying
Whispering prayers
To end it all.

A boy of ten,
His mother no more
It’s killing him
To be under the same roof
A murderer
His father?
Or a Devil
Penetrating him
And his soul
In hushing tone
He prays
Oh lord
How much more?

A boy of fifteen,
His face agleam
Drunkard father
Threw him on the floor
Not crying now
Not anymore
He see her
His mother
He hears those
Her screams
Picking up the smashed glass
Killed the devil
Free was his soul
Blood on his hands
Freedom on his mind
Closing the doors
He ran
He ran
He ran
Till he reached the shore,

Run, Jasper
You have to,
In the darkness
He ran alone.

Waking up
In a shudder
A man,
Holding a gun
Fear in his eyes
Memories still haunts him
But he know
He did rise,
Away from the Shadows
Carrying a rose
With a Gun
He walks
People run
Still sometimes
Afraid of the dark
Still he walks
On a thorny path
He loves that child
On the street
Plays with him
Whenever he meet,
This face of that man
Nobody have seen
That five year old
Is still within
Fear now fears him
For he is now
Jasper, The Black Thorn Klein.

The Lost Soul.

PS: So this is prequel to my earlier poem, Jasper the black thorn Klein, my first fictional character. if you want to read the earlier one you can read it Here

So for a change This Lost Soul, Wrote something that’s not related to love. Haha. Hope you will like this.

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Summer Nights.



Entangled eyes
You and me
Our hearts
With the pace
So fast
Your fingers
Ruining the colour
Of my lips
Your breathes
It’s marks on my skin
I loose myself
You in me
Under the thousand stars
In these wintery breeze
We flow
Towards the warmth
We fly
In emotions
Holding my hands
Carrying my heart
So perfectly
We fuse
Like made for
Each other
In &Between
This deepest of ocean
Of Ecstasy
We become one
Under the flickering
Listen love
To this harmonious
Here comes

Summer Nights….


The Lost Soul.


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Where Ends Meet..


Ever so Close
Still so apart
This never ending distance
Our love
This story
Still unfinished
Always Will be?

I was a Rainbow
With you
I still am,
In the night sky
I wrote our names
On the sands of time
Washed with the waves.

I still meet you
Your scent
Your memories
On the way
Getting lost
Between them
Waiting for you, Always
This story
Our journey.
Will the welkin
Meet the Earth?
Will this wait ever end?

Will it be finished?

Your and my, Ours.
This story.

It will be, The Day
When the sky will fall
And the two worlds will coincide
We will unite too
We will be completed
See love

Where the Ends meet….

The Lost Soul.

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Waiting, Aggravating.


I breathe
Not live
Life? Have lost all its essence
Without your
This suffocation
Of your absence
It’s stifling
You aren’t here
But I just saw you there?
There is no voice
Still I hear
Oh this silence
It’s deafening
Pricking are the broken pieces,
Of that mirror and
Reflections of you
I see in them,
And I see you in Me
I try
I run
To feel, To touch
But it’s not you
Never were
But your figment
Just a shadow
Ah! This fire
This Burn
Oh this anguish
This hurt
It’s choking me
It will kill
You buried all the vows
You took
Holding my hands
Inearth then, Me too
In the same land.
I will love you still
For my love for you is forever
Oh please my love
Do not cry ever
When I am gone
For I will still love
That Smile, oh so sweet.A Request?
If you can
Love me then, when I am not there.
Love me if you could
And see me in the memories
Like flowing river
Of the purest water
I will be there
And my love too
See me then,
Oh my love
I will be There
Love me soon love, Please
Don’t make it Aggravating….

The Lost Soul. 

PS: I read this so amazing poem by my sweetheart Nancy, NancyBellaRose and she is so much amazing. The poem gave me goosebumps. It was in Hindi. In no way I could match her poem or it’s Essence. And in no way it’s transalation of her work, but her words struck a chord. And I wrote this. Her words were inspiration, my pain was the pen. Lots of love Nancy. Thank you so much.

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Eternal Love.


Breathing your scent in
With warmth of your skin
My heart tremble
Your lips
Toxic bliss
My stupid heart
Do a little Dance
Your deep eyes
Send me chills,
Yes you
The missing piece
Of this jigsaw
Of my life
I was always searching
For you and Us
Knowing &
Loving you
Makes me believe
We were meant to be
Us together
Making love
Under the Glistening stars
Not Our Bodies
But the Souls
There is this connection
Beyond perfection
They don’t seem to see
Nor they will understand
They the people.
Entwined together in your arms
We become one
We were forever
Just not in this life,
Oh Baby
You,I And we
This is something
Before Eternity
This is something
Beyond perpetuity
You are my trance
This life is the chance
My eyes see
My Soul
Here in this Divine
We are
You and me
The two of us
Always & Forever.

The Lost Soul.

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Along The Strand.


The smile you brought
On my face with One word.
It’s gone. No curve on my lips. Your words, tickling, used to move me within. Now your memories shake me inside out.

That smile of yours, gave me shivers. How could I ever forget those spine chilling touch. It’s all an illusion now. Now that I see you from afar. Happy and living. Why can’t I? Live? It’s so hard to fight my feelings & to strive.
Because I thought you were my life.

You are happy. I wish I could be too. But how could I? Without you. You were and are my first and last wish. To lord I pray everyday, to bring you back. I try each day but I can’t live alone, Now when you are gone,
I am slipping too, my life like sand, wishing you were there to hold my hand.

Visiting the same places we went. I still look out searching for you. Though I know you aren’t here but oceans apart. You went Abandoning me, teary eyed. I am drowning in this abyss. I see the shore, but I won’t go there, I am sure? I want to drown. You were my home and now I have no one to call my own.

Or I want to move with the waves. Touching those shingles and meeting the sea. Again and again, just like our bodies used to Rhyme. I will move too Along the Strand.

Though, leaving a part of me, Always, Some in You, Some in Time.

The Lost Soul.


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Dream Arcadia


Closing my eyes
Snuggled up
With my pillow
In deep slumber
I see you
Gazing at me
All smiles
& I beam at you,
Inching me towards
You caress my lips
With yours
Embracing me in
Your Arms
I giggle
As you breathe in
My neck
Your warmth
Gives me chills
There is this
Of love
In the room
With which
Our heart fills
The morning sun
Shimmering on us
I see your
Glistening eyes
Captivating Me.

A breeze then
Visits me
Waking me up
You aren’t
But an emptiness.

My heart aches, So
I close them
My eyes
To be with you
In my dreams
My Arcadia
Where you are
Making me
Giggle & Laugh
Where I meet you
Without the fear
That you will
Walk away
Yes I am
Closing them Again
I see you
Besides me,
Outside the window
It Rains.

The Lost Soul.

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