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Beautiful Purple Sky


I was just walking by
While turning towards my house
I just looked at the sky
Just like that
I felt something,
Like the sky talking to me
Something moved I felt
And a ping of pain in my heart
The sky looked the same
As it was the day, that day we met.

I lost my way then
For I forgot where I was coming from
Or going to?
Is that my home?
Or was it you?
Now you aren’t with me, do I have any?
Any home?

My heart screamed!!
No one heard though
My eyes were searching
Something? Or you?
I looked at the sky again
Is it same ? Or is it changed?
It isn’t that anymore
Isn’t it?
Because you aren’t that anymore,
I saw it changing colours
Just like you,
The pinkish hue
Turned some pale
Like me!

Was I lost? Or did I loose you?
Or did I loose my mind?
Was it just me? Or I saw?
I saw the sky crying
Felt some tears,
From my eyes?
Or was it rain?
That pain knocked again
Which I thought have gone?

Why do I feel lost? When,
When there’s nothing I did lost
Loosing you? You never really did
Exist for me but yourself!!
I was here then
And I was alone
I knew how to walk
I know how to move on, on my own
And though I thought I made you,
You never were my home!!

There it was,
I got my way again
With the moving sky
Turning shades
Changing colours
While moving ahead
I recognise that smile
The one before you,
Or anyone else
I looked at the sky for one last time
I knew this colour
This colour,
I know I was moving in the right direction
The sky smiled
And I smiled at it too,
And I smiled some more
Under this new
This new, beautiful,
Beautiful Purple Sky!!!

The Lost Soul 

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Woman: A Bleeding Marvel!


Mom what are periods?”
Asked a 13 year old.
(Looking puzzled)
“You will know when its time”
Answered the mother perplexed with a simple question.

This is not so common now a days but still a common scenario of every second household. I know this because I asked that question to my mom once and I got the same answer.
Although I already got to know about it from my friends I still wanted to ask that from my mother,Her not answering actually reflects the mindset of typical Indian females about menstruation.

What Menstruation or periods in simple term are?

After a certain age, a girls body start to have certain biological changes. After every 28 days or so, the uterus sheds the extra tissue lining which is formed for the egg to fertilise. And
Then bleeding stays for 5 to 7 days.
There is nothing mysterious that is happening In a girl’s body. And every girl must know about this from the very start.

Menstruation is a normal biological process that is as necessary as breathing or existing because that makes a girl a woman or wonder because it gives a woman power to create another life form. Isn’t this the most fascinating thing?
Then why is it not talked about or why people aren’t open about it or why people are disgusted about periods.

Afemale bleeds for 5 days and still carry herself, isn’t this astounding?

Not only mothers, why aren’t fathers concerned with this? Why not brothers are taught about this? Why not all the boys are taught about this wonderful process?

Why periods are still a taboo?

People In a family dread to talk about periods. Due to various illogical and non sense reasons periods are considered impure or when a girl is on her periods she is unclean. The blood stain if seen is considered dirty and fill the girl with shame? And why? Beliefs that are just imposed upon from ages. Connecting periods with religion and culture make it difficult to talk about.

It’s nothing to be discreet about!!!

Periods are something to be celebrated but because of people’s unawareness even girls feel ashamed of the fact that they bleed. It affects the girl’s mind not about just menstruation but her body too.
And it can impact on their sexuality as well.

The point I want to stress upon here is that menstruation should be discussed openly so that every father, every brother, every Friend, every husband and every son know the fact that how much a woman go through, and how it is just periods and nothing to be ashamed of and when In need they know what and how to help the woman in their life.

Give her comfort and a smile!


So that No girl is ashamed to talk about her biological cycle, or hides the pad inside her bag, or is not apprehensive of buying pads from a male, so that every girl can feel comfortable with her being herself.

Yes, we bleed and yes somehow this humanity is existing because of the fact that a girl bleeds.

The Lost Soul

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Turn the pages…


Life? What exactly is life? There is so much more in life then what we see. Life is beyond people we think are important, but they are not. Life is something we need to live and not just breathe.
There is a reason we are humans, else insects are breathing too.

A little late, but I am realising this. And learning the lessons of life bit by bit, new chapters each day. Life is about turning pages and trying to revise what we learned from the previous chapter.

Life is like different seasons and I thought it will always be harsh as winters. I forgot that it rains too. That flowers bloom after the winters. That spring comes in the city and it’s green and pink and red and yellow. Life is beautiful with or without any one. Life is something we need to look within us and instead of creating home outside, create a home within. Do not seek what you can find inside, and I am learning this.

It hurts in the nights still, but next day sun will rise and it will shine again making  that pain go numb. And it will disappear soon.

Night will be there but it will see a new dawn too, because that is inevitable. The ultimate truth is this, that the earth will still revolve and rotate and it can not be Night always. Or winter. And when we feel we are completely shattered, we start healing again. Life is about picking those shattered pieces, put them back, throw the useless one out, and make a masterpiece out of them again.

I learned this, I am still learning this. That’s why I am wandering. That’s why I am still, and everyone in one way or other is a lost soul, trying to find out what’s in life. Moving, falling, shattering, learning, healing but over all, living.

And I am what I am. And this is me..

The Lost Soul

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The feeling…that stays.


Life goes on with or without anyone. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. Really? Is that so? Well life actually stops. I mean right, you live your life, you can’t stop doing that but there is something that’s missing and you can’t really help it. You miss the presence of that one person in your life. That person keeps on revolving in your mind day and night and midnight.

You wake up suddenly and there is this pain, you can’t help but cry. Because even in your sleep your mind kept wandering and reaching out to those parts you tried to hide somewhere. They reach out to you  and then the wounds and it hit you exactly in the guts and you feel helpless and broke. You can’t do anything about it.

Life moves on. Right. It’s just you that stops and stuck and shackled.

Even though I came back, I can’t return completely because I just can not. Though I won’t stop trying.

And I will keep on fighting each day with myself.
I don’t need anybody but me and I am learning this each day.

Like the sun and the moon and the star, I will Shine with my own light and I will have my heat and I will burn this world to ashes…to create my own.

Till then I will be Me..and I am enough.. I will be there..and I will find me..
Until then
I am

The Lost Soul

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Me & My Jabbering Mind.

AA269CE8-8A20-46AE-94C5-1AF2B6F53C56.jpegIsn’t it strange? How we meet people. At that moment they are just that. People. We don’t know who they really are. They are just someone we look and we hear and we interact. Then some out of these people become important for you. It could be anyone. After a while you don’t just look at them you see beyond looking. You don’t just hear, you listen to them. Sometimes things they don’t even say. You don’t just interact you mingle. There is this vibe you get from certain people.
I don’t know but yes I have felt so much of these vibes when I interact with someone. There is division in these vibes too, positive, negative and neutral.
Sometimes I meet some random person, and he/she is carrying that aura that attract, that is positive vibes which without even knowing that person makes me feel good. Then again there’s someone who just have negative energy around them. I don’t know is it connected to the hearts?
No I don’t prejudice. Of course how anyone could judge without knowing anyone. But what here I am talking about is not judging. It’s beyond that. An energy, a vibe. A kind of connect that you have with someone.
A kind of strong feeling that comes in you. A force that wants you to meet them again or to not to see their face ever.

But with some people it just happen, right? The heart and mind just fail at the same time?
I was an introvert. Not anymore though. But I was. All shy meek and a girl lost in her own world. I never cared enough of the world. I was always sitting in the corner of the playground when other were busy in playing or gossiping. My teenage years brought out a change in me, as they all do to every guy or a girl I guess. I started speaking my heart and mind. Sharing my thoughts. But I can’t count myself in extrovert either.
I am in between, an Ambivert. I still don’t find myself comfortable in meeting new people. I find solace in few I know. Is that connected to the vibes thing?

Why am I talking all this? I don’t know! Some people leave an impact. Don’t they? That too really deep. Sometimes that’s a scar. That too bloody. Sometimes memory, happy? Sad? Sometimes both. How moments spend with them makes you smile and cry at the same time? Smile that you felt that happiness and warmth and that affection once upon a time, and a tear reminding you that those moments won’t be repeated and that’s all you will have. The memories.
I don’t really know.
I am always confused. Thinking. Lost.
Anyhow, I don’t really know what crazy things I am talking about right now. The mornings are cold now. Nights are chilling. I find myself still lost somewhere. In someone.

Thank you for reading my crazy mind.
I wish I could write this much in my exam paper.😂

The Lost Soul.

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The Aching Aspiration.



That’s all I know, how in the morning you craved me and How you used to make love.The way you’d hold me. Caressing my face, The warm embrace.That and a little more.The time we spent and moments we shared, a springtime of my life.The laugh we both had on your silly jokes.And that kiss, in the car? All of these making my heart bleed like a knife.Now all of this is so far, those moments just were there.That first ice cream? Oh and that first road trip? Your funny smile and your lovely face, that used to make my heart beat race? I miss all of that and a lot more.That’s all I think now a days and nights too.What did you say?that I failed to hear.How to ask you all those questions, when you aren’t near.That is all I want to know.After all that affection,Why did you leave and why did you break?
Me, my heart and our dreams,
Why? Just why?
I wish I was and you too, we end up in another dimension, where you would love me like I do,and we are together,Yes, that will be Perfection.
That’s all I think.
All of this and nothing more.

The Lost Soul.


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Mind’s Labyrinth


74CE85D1-E3AA-4623-A1FF-EBBF28F52F09Sitting here
Besides night lamp
I am wondering
What to write
Love? Life?
Love is life
Life is love
Yes they are synonyms
Of each other
Night is progressing
My mind is wandering
In the labyrinth
Of my thoughts
Still stuck in between
The question
What to formulate
Memories? Pain?
Recollections hurts
Aren’t they?
Metonym of one another
My journal
Waiting for my pen
To move
My heart still lost
Deep in thoughts
Of him and his love
He is my love
My love is his
Him and love
Means a world to me
I end up closing the diary
Writing nothing
The night spreads
It’s darkness
Around me
Inside too
The little light
Is my only hope
Opening my heart
And my thoughts
Pouring out
My heart reads
Words trickling
Hands bleeding
Stumbling on
Past and pain
That rainbow
And the rain
Of him
His memories
Love diaries
My mind
Now at peace
For it find
The escape
Into the world
Where it no more hurts
Now no more with the words,
I fight
My heart running parallel
And I write
I write,
I write.


The Lost Soul. 


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Love, Timing & Midnight Blabberings.

Okay so they are just random thoughts I go through. You really don’t have to read these non sense my mind creates. If you still want to then hold on to whatever you are holding as this will surely take you for a ride.💃🏼
Going down on the coaster…..

Is there a thing called Wrong Timing?
What I am trying to convey is, is this even possible to meet someone and fall head over heels at the wrong time?
Or meeting a really wrong person at the right time? Out of both scenarios which one is correct or even possible? But the million dollar question is which one will you accept???
Then my thread of thoughts follow a different route and that is could love be Selfish? And if love is selfish was it love after all? Can someone sacrifice their happiness for someone else? And even if they can? The question is that they should???
No,more important is , Is this Sacrifice making any sense? When for the one you are sacrificing won’t be happy because you gave up your love and that is making you unhappy and when you yourself are unhappy how could you make the other person happy, so that results into ruining of your as well as that other person’s life because you don’t have an iota of a clue what should be done?
Now as I have mentioned in some
Of my earlier posts that love my friends is undefined.
So the next turn my mind takes is Can Love happen Twice? And if it’s happening for the second time Was it love for the first time? And when it’s going on for the other time? What to do with the first one? If only it was love?
So now again, Is there a thing called “Wrong Timing” Like when you meet Mr. Right at the wrong time or “Mr. Wrong at the right moment?
What would anyone choose? Life gives you choices and Chances? Or does it? No one is really sure though. Are you? Am I ? Not really. So again,
Is there really a thing called Wrong Timing or it’s Life knocking on your door, and asking you to open the Right one this time. Nope! No Darling, No peeking from the window.


PS: yes ! My mind work like this. Welcome to my Crazy lost mind 😁😁

Of course


The Lost Soul. 

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Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge Day 5

I was challenged by Moushmi, Aesthetic MiradhFor a challenge of ” Seven Days black and white photos of your life”.

No people.
No explanation.

Challenge someone new each day.


I would like to challenge Haylee from Stumblingaboutourworld I got to know a lot about her lately and I found her amazing. She is beautiful inside out. I would love to see some pictures from your life. No compulsion though, only if interests you. Much love.

PS: I believe in one power. Though I saw this and instantly felt peace. This is in the corner of my room. Flowing water and dim light gives a peace of mind. I often sit besides it and write with serene sound of flowing water in my ears.

The Lost Soul. 

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Sunshine Blogger Award 1 & 2.


I missed my Award post last week 😂 So hello my Blog Family. This lost soul is getting so much of love and I am in awe with the attention and love. When I am here I just forget whatever I am facing in my life and this is the only place I find my heart at peace.

Oh I forgot this is the award post 😁 So two of my lovelies Laken of Crazy4youand Siddhartha  Obsoleterealitynominated me with sunshine Blogger awards. And I am much honoured. Though this is a late post and I am sorry for that. I am happy that this Lost Soul is being sunshine ☺️☺️☺️


Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Answer the questions asked.
Nominate other blogs and ask new questions for them.
Finally, list the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo somewhere in the post.

Questions Asked by Laken:

1. Favourite animal?
Ans: Dog. I love all Animals. But I have this special corner for Dogs.
2. What’s the most exciting memory that you have?
Ans: I have lots and lots of memories. I can’t tell any one. The day I made this blog and met so many beautiful people here will always remain In my heart.
3. Are you doing something with your life that you love?
Ans: Before I wasn’t now I am. This blog. Writing. I am loving it.
4. If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do? Where would you go?
Ans: I would have Travel the world.
5. Favourite time of year?
Ans: All the seasons. All the season are symbolic  of the cycle or circle of life and I love them all.
6. Goals for your blog?
Ans: To write and write.
7. What is one thing you hope to do in 2018?
Ans: Everything I missed doing in 2017.

Questions Asked by Siddhartha

What brings you to blogging?
Ans: My heart or heartbreak.
Who is the most important person in your life?
Ans: My mother.
What are your fitness goals and how you plan to achieve them?
Ans: To be healthy and fit. I am working on it. I do regular exercise and follow a diet. Just couldn’t control on chocolates.
Money according to you is?
Ans: A necessity.
Will you invest in stocks or FDs?
Ans: I don’t have knowledge of these honestly. But I guess I will go for Stocks.
If you had millions of dollars would you still be working in the same organisation that you are presently working?
Ans: I guess yes . No may be. I am not sure. May be I would keep on working and with the money complete my dreams.
Have you ever been depressed in life?
Ans: Not exactly. But I have had my share of ups and downs. More of downs when World meant nothing and my only solace was my bed my pen my journal and tears.
Do you think there a stigma attached in going to a psychiatrist?
Ans: Yes there Is and j hate that about people who have that narrow Mindset.
Have you ever suffered from insomnia, if yes what you did about it?
Ans: Yes. The days when I was sad. These days mostly. I write. I read. I study. I blog.

I nominate all my friends.They all are Sunshine to me ❤️❤️