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Beautiful Purple Sky


I was just walking by
While turning towards my house
I just looked at the sky
Just like that
I felt something,
Like the sky talking to me
Something moved I felt
And a ping of pain in my heart
The sky looked the same
As it was the day, that day we met.

I lost my way then
For I forgot where I was coming from
Or going to?
Is that my home?
Or was it you?
Now you aren’t with me, do I have any?
Any home?

My heart screamed!!
No one heard though
My eyes were searching
Something? Or you?
I looked at the sky again
Is it same ? Or is it changed?
It isn’t that anymore
Isn’t it?
Because you aren’t that anymore,
I saw it changing colours
Just like you,
The pinkish hue
Turned some pale
Like me!

Was I lost? Or did I loose you?
Or did I loose my mind?
Was it just me? Or I saw?
I saw the sky crying
Felt some tears,
From my eyes?
Or was it rain?
That pain knocked again
Which I thought have gone?

Why do I feel lost? When,
When there’s nothing I did lost
Loosing you? You never really did
Exist for me but yourself!!
I was here then
And I was alone
I knew how to walk
I know how to move on, on my own
And though I thought I made you,
You never were my home!!

There it was,
I got my way again
With the moving sky
Turning shades
Changing colours
While moving ahead
I recognise that smile
The one before you,
Or anyone else
I looked at the sky for one last time
I knew this colour
This colour,
I know I was moving in the right direction
The sky smiled
And I smiled at it too,
And I smiled some more
Under this new
This new, beautiful,
Beautiful Purple Sky!!!

The Lost Soul 

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Indispensable Baggage.


This is hefty
My heart retorted
This, a beautiful Package
Of lies and deceits
Oh! This unnecessary Baggage.

I still carry it
On my Soul
This, an enchanting carriage
Of aspersion and falsification
Oh! This redundant baggage.

It tolls on me
On my identity
He, raided my spirit, A savage
Plundered my innocence
He, my extraneous baggage.

I walk I move
Carry it everyday
Wanting to throw it
In the far ocean
Really away
I tried
Only I didn’t know
This is more sturdy
Than I thought,
Like shackles
It caught
And when I tossed it
I rolled too
In the abyss
To loose it?
It’s not possible.
Is the only way
This will be
My only salvage
There again I started my journey
Passage to passage
Embracing this
Revered Baggage.

The Lost Soul. 

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Eerie Memory.



They keep coming back.
The haunting memories.
Of The love
That’s lost.
Is it?
The love’s still there?
In this stupid heart of mine,
Not yours
I know now,
It wasn’t love ever
The promises of forever?
They were fake
Just for fun sake
Oh but they keep playing
With me
Your smiling eyes
Taking me down
To the same old town
Where I thought
I left you
Burying your love
They kept coming back
Not alone
But with the Pain
And I miss you so much
When it rain
It reminds me of the day
Oh I so much miss
Our love
That bliss.
Then I shoo them away
The memories
They don’t deserve
They aren’t to be preserve
They need to burn
I won’t hide
I won’t run
I will be here
Loving myself
Loving me more
And not you
Not anymore
Is it easy?
To just forget
I try
I must
I will
For you are now
Life is still worth it
Even when
I am all alone,
That doesn’t mean
Love will be forgotten
For love always stays
Reminiscence Remains
Not Crashing and Crushing
Yes, The hauntings
The memories
The recollections.

The Lost Soul.

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The Shattered Echoes.



They say Time heals. Time heals everything. Does that really? Not exactly. Time doesn’t heal anything truly.
Time, well it just makes the wound numb. It gives patience to suffer. To live with the pain. That’s it.
That pain is still there you know.
How it could go, when there is still something that is left inside. This heart, that hurt. A tear on the soul.
The fire that keeps on burning and blazing.The one desire to be with the one that shattered you and broke you. And you carrying the broken pieces ever so closely, the broken parts still love. The same one person who did break them and You.
This is out of your limits isn’t it? The belief that he still cares? That peek a boo and hide and seek with all those emotions and feelings. That is tormenting. Sometimes! No all the times.
It hurts like hell. At night it’s the silent scream. Some nights it’s just a storm and some, some nights it rains too.
Yet, as the day breaks, all those feelings vanish in the corner. They still lurk through, and then comes the moment when you are among the crowd and alone. When there’s screaming and noise and you are deaf.
The heart and the mind is at some mountain peak, there you are, jumping off that cliff.
Before you fall and you smash and you break, well someone snatch you back and once again you are saved.
But till when?

Sometimes giving up is the only option. But what about the stupid heart that keeps on holding on. That keeps on whispering… A little wait! May be. This “may be” wrench Within. At those moments , when it’s time to leave and let go something from within speaks again…. A little wait, Please! Wait! May be!
That May be is the language of broken dreams and a broken heart, They are the Shattered Echoes.

The Lost Soul. 

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Until I Am.


I was living
My life
In my own world
Whatever I had
Before you.
Yes until our paths
And I saw you
Our eyes met,
Your deep eyes
Made me weak
That voice of yours
Made me loose
In all of you
The world changed
Now it was
Only you
My subsistence,
Placing you above all
Shaping you, In
My destiny.
Until I realised
We don’t write
Our fate
That’s Arbitrated
And we aren’t
Meant together.
You and I
Are worlds apart
Yes the roads
Decussated once
Only to dissent
In a while
And like one twist
You pirouetted too
Bequeathing me
To Destruction.
I still sit Here,
On the crossroads
To meet you
Till I am
Until I am.

The Lost Soul. 

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Once again
With that melting voice
You progressed
In my life
Like a Tsunami
Each word
Like each wave
Drowning me
Yet again.
Each of my emotion
To leave me
Lingering on
The remaining Notion
To Annihilate
To Obliterate
My Predilection till the core
To sabotage
What was left
Leaving me
Once Again

The Lost Soul. 

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Eventual Elucidation.


The world was shattered
When you left
The one I created
You fabricated,
My ears
Your voice
Your dreams
My eyes
My lips
Your smile
Your charm
My life
This was all
I ever coveted
Then you marooned,
Me with my heart
In the blues of

Transgressing everything
I drowned myself
Never ever
Reaching the shore
In the deepest oceans
Far and far.
You were my Aurora
Glittering with thy love
My life was luminous
Now without you
Everything was ruinous.

Oh! Where are thou?
My love?
My life is Eeyorish
Without thee.
I see no end, To
This excruciating pain
Anguishing torment
Without ending me.
Is extirpating one life
Elucidation of all?
Or is it?
Genesis of
An Ameliorate Life?
If it is?
I believe that is.
Embrace me,
Here I come
Entwine me
Oh Darkness
No more
I will sigh
Yes I see
I see now,
The end is nigh…

The Lost Soul.

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An Empty Canvas.

47A64EC5-60C7-4932-BC68-BC2CED165F41.jpegHe drew her
His perfect imagination
A beautiful Art
A timeless creation
Concocted her soft lips
Designing a curve on them
Her enchanting eyes
Breaking loose mayhem
With passion
He outline her
Every part so intricately
Glistening white skin
He fabricated her, so lusciously.

Then all hell break loose
A tumult
Break down
He lost all fascination
He started to Frown
She who could be a divine beauty
Life less and breathe less
Stood there unhinged
Stiff and motionless
She was no longer
His muse
All the colours now destroyed
All shades perfused
Now unfinished
She wasn’t perfect
Another of his art
He entirely neglect
Like a blank
Hollow sky
She was untenanted
Abandoning her
Like an unfinished Business
He left her
As An Empty canvas.

The Lost Soul. 

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The Aching Aspiration.



That’s all I know, how in the morning you craved me and How you used to make love.The way you’d hold me. Caressing my face, The warm embrace.That and a little more.The time we spent and moments we shared, a springtime of my life.The laugh we both had on your silly jokes.And that kiss, in the car? All of these making my heart bleed like a knife.Now all of this is so far, those moments just were there.That first ice cream? Oh and that first road trip? Your funny smile and your lovely face, that used to make my heart beat race? I miss all of that and a lot more.That’s all I think now a days and nights too.What did you say?that I failed to hear.How to ask you all those questions, when you aren’t near.That is all I want to know.After all that affection,Why did you leave and why did you break?
Me, my heart and our dreams,
Why? Just why?
I wish I was and you too, we end up in another dimension, where you would love me like I do,and we are together,Yes, that will be Perfection.
That’s all I think.
All of this and nothing more.

The Lost Soul.


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Void ..

There’s This void  Inside which can’t be fulfilled no matter what she do..An emptiness eating her from inside . What is it that she want ? What does she crave? Everything is there and still something is do you define that feeling of dissatisfaction …she often thinks … everything just seems to dissatisfy her. She can’t just feel happy for about anything . What do you call that ?? She always asked herself. Everyday it’s like a feeling … a sensation of burning …yes Burning because of the fire .. the fire that is eating her up. What’s that fire for? Who lit up that Tree that caused the jungle fire ??? And the fire burned everything that was inside . And … It caused a hollow and a Void  , yes a void that is inside her .No matter what she does… that void persist there. A Void of feelings … a numbness that exist that can’t be explained or described .                               There’s no light out shining out there. Just a Den of darkness …dark feelings . Yes feelings could be dark too. Then there’s this concept of black and white . .but sometimes it could be grey too …depending on how one perceives it .                                          What should anyone could do when they feel empty from inside like there is nothing left inside they can’t love or hate.where do these people go? Is there any asylum for them too?? For people with an emptiness… emptiness of feelings ?? People with a Void ???