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My Ignorant love

Do you not remember?

The laughter we shared

Still in my ears

Don’t you?

Have you forgotten?

The smiles of our lips

The deepest of kiss

Have you? 

Are you oblivious?

Of my heartache

That i miss still

The happiness

When you were here

Or you are just

Ignorant i think

Aren’t you?

You do remember everything

But you just don’t care

Do you?

Of my love

Of our togetherness

You don’t want to be

Part of us

No more

You never care

Of me and my love

Did you?

I won’t ask

Questions further

Of those i know

Answers already

I will be here anyway

Despite us ending

In this life

I will cherish

My love

Beyond this one

In my heart

Forever and ever.


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My Constant

When we met

I felt something

Love I guessed

Is it love?

My heart full of emotions

Feelings so many

Butterflies swirling

Those deep breaths

My dizzy head

The goosebumps

Loving you came easy to me

In ways so many

So natural

Like I was born with it

You were deeply engraved

In my heart

Flowing in my blood

Etched in my bones

Each day

Brought closer

You to me

Me to you

And me to the realisation

That this is what love is

Loving you wasn’t

Just a sentiment

For me  

It was

And still is

A consistent choice

Something that my heart


Every minute of each hour

Every new day

In a room full of people

Among thousands

My eyes look for yours

In all the darkness

Your love is the light to me

Among trillions of stars

One shines the brightest

And you are

My glistening

Dazzling star

Chosen by my heart

Over and over again

Not just in this lifetime

But all those we lived

Beyond this and the next

In each one

You are

And you will be

My only Constant.


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The last sunset….

I close my eyes and there’s you

Besides me,

I hear the ocean

Giggles and laughs

Hands held

Entangled fingers

Walking barefoot

Sand beneath

I see us there

Sounds of waves turning around

And there’s us

Smiling together

Your touch

Like a winter breeze

Quivering lips

The warm embrace

There’s you and there’s me

Leaving footprints on the sand

Some of you and little of me

Shining under the golden sun

You and me

Us together

Your breath on my neck

like a drop of rain

Brown of the sand

White of the clouds

blue of the sky

Turquoise of the sea


All these colours

I see in you

The colour of us

Of me and you

A tinge of orange

And red of love

I see the hue

In the horizon

“That’s a long walk,

Let’s go back”

“A little time more,

Let the sun set”


I lost your hand

And I searched for you

And like all the dreams

I had

It wasn’t a new

I opened my eyes

And there was no one

Neither me nor you


When you left

You ablaze the sky

With the ocean

You, my love

Left me flickering

In the ever lasting desire


You set alight

 all of my dawns

With all of my dusks

You burned us


The love of ours  

You set us


all of those sunsets On fire.




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Exquisite Soul

In search of something precious

You keep on wandering

Place to place


Door to door

Meeting new

Forgetting some, remembering few

You stumble

You fall

You rise

Sometimes like a stupid

Becoming wise

But the search remains,

You Keep on running

And burning


What is that which is so exquisite

That you are trying to find?


Is that a thing?

Or is it someone???


Stop! Stop right there where you are



Do not just listen


Do not just think


All of that you are looking for

is not there in the world to find

Look inside


Listen to that heart

Beating inside of you

Go deeper than that

Towards that fire

That is within

The soul

It is all inside you

Keep on holding to that

And hold on

That is the most treasured thing

Nothing is more prized than that soul,

That you carry

It is all inside


You are flawed

And scarred

And in pain


Full of hurt

And imperfections

But all of these

They make you what you are

Flaws makes you human

Scars means you have emotions

And that you trust

Broken means you can heal

No darling you are not just any star

You my love

You carry thousands of stars

You are an entire universe

Do not just be a light

Or any light

Be the blazing fire

That burns

That destroys

And the fire that creates


And when you feel that the sparkle is gone,

It is not there anymore,

Do not run

Do not wander  

Just look inside



It is still there

And it will always be there



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Father’s Love

His love is not expressed
All the words that aren’t said
But there are ways so many
Unlike a mother
Father doesn’t hug so much
Still he carries an ocean of love
He just doesn’t know
How to tell it all
He is not there when you look around
And he surely doesn’t wipe up the tears
But he is the wall
He makes sure you stay tall
He doesn’t let you know
But he is always there to catch
In case you fall
And he lets you never
He teaches you to rise,
and as mothers
Fathers are affectionate as well
His love is as boundless as hers
And as immense
Sometimes more
Only if he knew how to convey
But you don’t need words to know
If you see in the depth of his eyes
He carries colossal of love
He just doesn’t know
His love is silent
But there are ways so many
Mother is the sky of our life
Father is the solid ground
We sustain on
So what if he doesn’t say it much
He loves from all of his heart
And so much more
His love is enormous
Yes, he doesn’t know
The ways to communicate
But don’t we know
Father’s love is as such.


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A Virtual Life

While there’s enough noise
The silence is creeping
There are followers
And no friends
We are following and being followed
Rather than knowing and to be known
Everyone’s keen to see
The inside of each other’s life
To just have a piece of buzz
A lots of likes on smiling pictures
And the layers,
No one’s interested what’s underneath
Or in the eyes,
Everything is so superficial
And all the words fake
We have come so closer
And grown so apart
A lot to say in the disappearing story
What’s in the heart remains unheard
We are in each other’s chats and DMs
But no heart felt conversations
There’s a life we all want to live
And no one’s really alive
Just fulfilling the requirements
Breathing and existing
Why someone’s death
Makes us realize
That we need to live?
And why are we not together
Living with each other
Caring and understanding more
And tagging less?
Why can we not for once
Be with someone in actuality
Than merely existing
On each other’s pages of Virtuality.



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The darkness is staring back

Gawking at the silence
There is no sign of life
Just the storm and destruction
Amidst the chaos
Finding nothing but nothingness
Hollow shadows
And more of numbness
Just like the burning wax
Emotions melting down
Entering the void more and more
Falling down the bottomless depth
Impassable road
Light appears on all sides
Seems forbidden to touch
It appears more and more far
Away and away
Life is not there
Just the empty space
From where it stares me
And scares me
The darkness staring
Blank as it appears
Just as the life
And all the while
It appears I was not gone
Beneath waters
It was all about the mirrors
All around
Outstaring deep in my eyes
It was all me
I can see the blackness
And the white too
It is not the two of them
The white and the black
The dark stays with the light
It stares back
Knit together
From eternity to beyond
From nothing to nothingness
I see that and it does too
The darkness
It stares back

As long as I see.


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Something of me…?


There’s nothing in my heart that is left to say or that I want to, though I know that picture of yours, still etched somewhere in my heart, reminding me of you and us, staring into me, piercing my soul like you once did. All of that love has turned into something unnamed. I can’t even tell what’s more intoxicating or what was? You or this feeling I still have. A feeling I can’t embrace, a feeling I can’t withdraw, of something lost, or someone or me? I thought it was just my heart, but I was wrong all along, you took some thing more precious. And I still don’t know, how did I let you slip by through the walls I made so high? How you reached to what I thought was just mine and once there you battered it, something of that everything I ever had. Withering away all of that, piece by piece, how I wish if it was just my heart and nothing else and nothing more. I tried holding on for so long, until you wrecked it all. I put in all the trust I had and you crumbled it all. All the pieces of my life that made me whole, you annihilated. All of them, Until you reached the last piece, and  you took away me from me, you snatched what I believed was just mine, and you disappeared like you were never there.


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You followed my dream last night
Cradled in your arms,
We were together yet again,
In the rhythms of the song
Your breaths played on my skin
I felt solace,
With my head on your heart
Your warm embrace
I smiled,
Looking at your eyes
As you kissed mine
You held me so close
As if you were always here
Never gone,
Whispering in my ears
Sweet words of love
That’s all I ever want to hear
You asked me to sleep,
Cuddled in your arms
I slept peacefully,

And I dreamt of you,
Entwined together
You kissing, the sleeping me
And you are holding my hands,
All the promises of forever
Walking on the shore,
We are watching the waves,
You picked me in your arms
You are all smiles
A sweet nudge on my nose,
I am losing in you,
And in the captivating breeze,
Looking at the sun,
All the colors in the horizon fade away,
And the day turned into night,
Still clung to your arms,
In symphony of our hearts,
I slept,
You followed my dreams,

Now, I am all lost,
I don’t know
What’s dream? Or real anymore,
That is what your love has done to me
That I never want to wake up
From this trance I am in
I kept falling in the hypnosis
As if your love is the abyss,

Getting pulled towards you
Like a magnet
You followed me in my dream,
Last night,
Or this? Previous one
Or the next?
I have lost all connection,
With my existence or sensibility
This world I made with you
This world that is you,
You are here? Are you?
Tell me please,
Is this real?
Or Chimera?


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Stay right here
Close to me,
Stay by my side, my love
Walk besides me,
Till my soul wishes to be lost
Lost in you,
Till you are in sync with my heartbeat
And you are my breath
Just stay,
Till then stay by my side,
And Stay…

Till the sun turns into ashes,
And this sky falls,
Till the stars come together to celebrate
Togetherness of ours,
Stay by my side,
Be within me like a Melody to the song
Like soulful hymn
To let me love you
Like you are my religion
Stay till then,
And Stay,

Until your thoughts drench me in love,
Like rains douse this Earth
And stay with me like the tides moves with the ocean,
Like the clouds in the sky
To be the chaos in my serenity, stay
Stay with me like that pouring rain
On the inches of my skin,
And stay…

Till you are not etched in me
And my heart
Us being together like Moon and the light
Tangled through fate
Till we aren’t written in each other’s destiny
Stay by my side,
And Stay…

Till I fade away or you
In time or you in me or me in you
Stay with me
Stay by my side
Walk besides me
Till I am lost
And you are found
And we are together again
Not on the crossroads
Not divided
But as one
Stay with me
Stay by me
And Stay…



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To Love the one…that is you!!


There are so many moments in our life that make us feel it’s over, like there is nothing beyond this pain and hurt. This darkness takes over and everything seems blank. The feeling of emptiness, a hollowness which can’t be filled and every little thing frustrates to the core. Things which made us happy before hurt us now.
Loneliness! A feeling that there’s no one for us, and we are all alone in this world, left to bear that pain everyday, when we open our eyes and every night lying on the bed, closed eyes, there’s this feeling to end all of this torment right and then.

This feeling!!!!

We all have felt that way, at some point of time in life we all have this feeling. Alone! I felt that. Still feel that, days in a row when I want to just go somewhere, where I don’t get hurt again, where I don’t cry, where I can smile. Moments when I need someone to be with me, we all want that right? To have someone who can just embrace us with our flaws and love our scars and make us whole?
Those moments in which we feel so weak and we are so down, heart full of hurt and mind full of anger and pain.

Why do we feel this?

The root of all the sufferings is attachment. I never realised this until I experienced this in my life, we get attached and then without even knowing we start expecting that same attachment from the other person. Expectation doesn’t hurt, but expecting from the wrong person does. Even a person isn’t wrong or right, when we get attached to someone, we can’t expect from the other person to reciprocate the same.

What I am implying with all of this?

Love the one that is you!!

Although I need to learn this myself, and I am learning this everyday, the cardinal thing in life we all need to learn is to love this one person in our life who is most important, and that is US. We need to learn to love ourself and live for ourself.
To accept that it’s only us who can be there for us and no one else will be. We aren’t alone ever, we always have us, ourself.We don’t need anyone to get dependent on, just faith and believe in ourself.
To learn that we don’t need anyone to make us feel whole because we are never incomplete, we are complete on our own. We don’t need to find happiness in someone else, it’s within us, we just need to explore it and accept that we can be happy on our own as well. Yes, we all feel shattered and broken, but that’s okay, to be broken means we can heal.
To know that, the home we try to find or built in someone else is not to be found because it’s there in you!! Look deep within in your heart. Pull yourself up and smile, because that’s what we need to do. Smile and face the world and accept the truth,
Love isn’t something we need to find in someone else, it’s there within you.
It’s difficult but it’s the only truth!! That someone is always you and no one else!!


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At the Crossroads..


Meet me at the crossroads
Hold my hand
Entangle my fingers in yours
And don’t let go
Move ahead with me
Under the night sky
With zillions of stars watching us,
But we glistening more in love.
Embrace me in your arms
Pull me closer
Never to let go!
Walk with me
Towards the dawn
That ray of sun touching us
Put your arm around me
Entwine together
The hue of the sky colouring,
You and me
Let’s paint the world
In colours only known to us
Love me some more
Make me your canvas
And draw your love
On these roads
Let’s move ahead
Till the dusk
In the rains
Below the rainbow
Meet me again
That same place
To walk hands in hands
Eyes in eyes
Shimmering with love,

Meet me there
Under the blue sky
At the crossroads…


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Do you???


What am I trying to find? In this world, among this chaos. What is that is not complete and I want to make it whole so bad? And why? Why can’t I let it be like it is?
Why everything need an ending , a closing. Why when something change it hurts.
There are so many why and no answer. Or there is an answer and I can’t find.
What is the point of existing? What is that I am searching? Why is this sadness? What is that keeps on lingering beyond the hurt? There is this emptiness. A void that can’t be filled, this voice that is unheard. Am I the only one hollow? Or you feel this vacantness too?
Is it just me or you think it too? Am I the only one or you looking for a path too? This pain, Only I feel this or you suffer from it too? Only I am the one with questions or you are finding answers too?

I wonder if we all feel the same?
Are we all lost? Or just wander..
That I wonder!!!
That I wonder?


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Beautiful Purple Sky


I was just walking by
While turning towards my house
I just looked at the sky
Just like that
I felt something,
Like the sky talking to me
Something moved I felt
And a ping of pain in my heart
The sky looked the same
As it was the day, that day we met.

I lost my way then
For I forgot where I was coming from
Or going to?
Is that my home?
Or was it you?
Now you aren’t with me, do I have any?
Any home?

My heart screamed!!
No one heard though
My eyes were searching
Something? Or you?
I looked at the sky again
Is it same ? Or is it changed?
It isn’t that anymore
Isn’t it?
Because you aren’t that anymore,
I saw it changing colours
Just like you,
The pinkish hue
Turned some pale
Like me!

Was I lost? Or did I loose you?
Or did I loose my mind?
Was it just me? Or I saw?
I saw the sky crying
Felt some tears,
From my eyes?
Or was it rain?
That pain knocked again
Which I thought have gone?

Why do I feel lost? When,
When there’s nothing I did lost
Loosing you? You never really did
Exist for me but yourself!!
I was here then
And I was alone
I knew how to walk
I know how to move on, on my own
And though I thought I made you,
You never were my home!!

There it was,
I got my way again
With the moving sky
Turning shades
Changing colours
While moving ahead
I recognise that smile
The one before you,
Or anyone else
I looked at the sky for one last time
I knew this colour
This colour,
I know I was moving in the right direction
The sky smiled
And I smiled at it too,
And I smiled some more
Under this new
This new, beautiful,
Beautiful Purple Sky!!!

The Lost Soul 

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She…The immortal Her…


She is still
But that darkness within her
Screams,scream, screaming

That chaos inside
Screeches, screeching
She stares in the silence
Towards nihility
Blank,black gazing in nothingness

Something within her
Engulfs her and her thoughts
Deluge,deluging in hurt

She is still
That rage of emotions
Pulling her inside
Her storm boiling within
Towards the mountain and to her
Oscillating between

She is still
Like a calm sea
Before the arrival of tsunami
Her heart shuddering

With the emptiness

She is still
But she smiles
Mixed with the agony
She survives the suffering
She no more laments
But with the open arms
She embraces the hurt
That lava of anguish
No more kills her
She won’t sink
She dives deep within
The abyss of pain
And she rise
For now she know
How to emerge!!

She becomes the storm
She rules the darkness
With her chaos
She isn’t still anymore
She isn’t calm like that ocean
For she becomes the Destruction
She is the raging ocean
She isn’t still
She moves with the waters
Ruling the tides
She isn’t still
She isn’t still….

The Lost Soul

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